Launch of New Russian Zenith Missile Ends in Failure

The accident occurred during the launch of Zenith rocket under the Sea Launch program.

Interfax-AVN reports citing a source in the Russian space industry.

A source in the "Energy" Rocket and Space Corporation said in turn that the Mission Control Center is now creating a commission to investigate the causes of emergency launch.

According to the source in the space industry, Zenith has fallen into the Pacific Ocean. "The accident occurred at the first stage. From the start the rocket went in the wrong direction," said the source.

In this regard, there was an emergency engine shut down and the rocket fell near the launch platform. At the first stage of the rocket the motor used is RD-171 produced byu Energomash.

Booster rocket Zenit-3SL with the upper stage DM-SL, launched at 10:56 a.m. in Moscow under the Sea Launch program from the floating platform Odyssey of the equatorial Pacific Ocean was to launch a communications satellite Intelsat-27.

Zenit-3SL missile launches are conducted by the international consortium Sea Launch created in 1995. In 2010, the Company completed its reorganization. Sea Launch AG headquarters are located in Bern (Switzerland).

Booster Zenit-3SL is based on a two-stage rocket Zenit-2 developed by Yuzhnoie (South) Construction Bureau (Ukraine), the upper stage DM-SL is designed and manufactured by the Energy company.

Start on Friday was to be the first of the Sea Launch program in 2013. In 2012, this program made three launches. Sea Launch consortium has carried out the launch of 34 Zenit-3SL rockets from a floating platform in the Pacific Ocean.

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