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 Four Ukrainian Officials Arrested in Kazakhstan - This is a Provocation of Competing Countries Regarding BTR-4 Production

According to Censor.NET’s source in the Ukrspetsexport management the arrested are head of the 1st Regional Department of Ukrspecexport Shkoliarenko Oleksandr, and his deputy – Oleksandr Khrulev.

These people are among the top management of the enterprise, and supervise the most sensitive issues - including the transfer of "gratitude" to foreign officials.

According to the source of Censor.NET "Shkoliarenko enriched a good half of employees of foreign ministries of defense that Ukrspetsexport is working with from his hands. He oversees the company's major transactions. Specifically, the contract with Iraq, deals with the CIS countries. In Kazakhstan Shkoliarenko was working under contract for joint production of Ukrainian BTR-4, repair of Kazakh armored vehicles at Lviv tank repair plant. Frankly, 200 thousand dollars is not the maximum amount of "gifts" to foreign officials. The Kazakh side is well aware of the role and significance of Shkoliarenko and Khrulev to Ukrspetsexport. As well as their methods of work. I think this is either a settling of scores within the Kazakh secret services, the fight for control of financial flows in the procurement of arms, or the provocation of third countries that are interested in disrupting the joint production of the BTR-4 in Kazakhstan.

I would like to remind you that Ukraine is the only CIS country that has managed to develop and put into production a new armored vehicle in the last 20 years, and not everyone is interested in letting us in Kazakhstan market."

Источник: https://censor.net.ua/en/n231688