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 Yanukovych's Career Rise is Directly Related to Shcherban Murder, Journalist Investigation

Resonance murder in Donbas played into the hands of Rinat Akhmetov, Leonid Kuchma and Viktor Yanukovych.

Journalist Tetiana Chornovil who conducts her own investigation of the mysterious murder of Yevhen Shcherban writes on her blog on UP,

"After the gundown of Yevhen Shcherban at the Donetsk airport Akhmetov became heir to Shcherban's business empire . In fact, even before the death of the deputy Akhmetov integrated into some structure Shcherban as a junior partner. For example, the author has found the company Gefest CS which was created after the death of Brahin where the founders were sons of deputy Yevhen Shcherban (Ruslan and Yevhen) together with Governor Volodymyr Shcherban's son Artem and Akhmetov's wife Lilia Smirnova," writes Chornovil.

However, resonant murder in Donbas played into the hands not only of Rinat Akhmetov but Leonid Kuchma as well. Before his death Shcherban became interested in the presidential election. He believed that the next president should be a protege of Donbas region. Great wealth of Shcherban and Donetsk voters who traditionally vote as the "oblast master' says (here we must remember that every tenth voter lives in Donbas) constituted a real threat to Kuchma.

"So Kuchma began muddying up the waters in Donetsk with mediation of Prime Minister Lazarenko and started achieveing first victories. In particular, the President dismissed Volodymyr Shcherban close to Yevhen Scherban from the post of governor and in July of 1996 replaced him with Lazarenko's man Hromada member, Coal Minister Serhii Poliakov. And the most interesting thing is that the governor of Lazarenko was fortified by then unknown Viktor Yanukovych who became deputy governor.

Doesn't it all seem strange? And especially when you consider that Yanukovych has never publicly said that he first came to power in Lazarenko's team.

So the attempts of Yanukovych's PGO to hang Shcherban's murder on Lazarenko quite absurd when he Yanukovych was teamed up with Lazarenko at the time.

Where did Yanukovych come from to be in the team? Officially he came from the post of director of the Donetsk regional production association of road transport Donetskavtotrans. Not officially - he was the creation of Akhmetov-Ivaniuschenko.

A month after his appointment in September 1996, Yanukovych has already become the first deputy governor appointed by Lazarenko. Then at the Yenhen Shcherban is killed in the airport and Yanukovych soon grows to become the governor. Let me remind you, the Governor is appointed by the President, therefore, again Akhmetov had an agreement with Kuchma? And who else? Who remained alive in Donbas who could negotiate with Kuchma regarding Yanukovych's career growth?

From those very interesting arrangements of 1996 begins the take off of Viktor Yanukovych's career climb to the Presidency," writes the journalist.

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