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 "Improvement" in Kyiv Subway: Trains will Travel Slowly

Communal enterprise Kyiv Subway stated under funding of its needs and the fact that the cost of transporting the privileged is not reimbursed from state and local budgets. The Subway authorities say that the cost of transportation does not meet the applicable fare for travel in metro. Due to the crisis that befell the company - worn parts of the rails cannot be changed - train speed may be reduced: it is necessary for the safety of traffic.

As the press-service of the Subway states, the issue of transport safety of passengers in a critical financial and economic situation was discussed at the meeting of the feasibility of the company's council, reports Censor.NET.

Its members noted that upon the results of economic activity in 2012 the losses constituted 345 million UAH. "Under such circumstances, there is an urgent need to address the exploitation of worn paths, since it is directly linked to the safety of passengers," said the press service.

In need of replacing are 8.5 km of worn rails, 3.5 thousand of wooden sleepers, 396 switch and bridge timbers, however the stocks of materials for track repairs at the company have been exhausted and there is no possibility to buy them. "Participants discussed ways to ensure the safety of trains in view of the current state of track facilities and discussed the possibility of reducing the speed of trains in areas where the road had become outdated. This will reduce the dynamic loads on the rails and allow the train to pass there," said the statement.

Metro departments have already started to prepare the documentation for changes in the schedule of trains, followed by systematic control of the tracks' conditions. "Under the current circumstances, this solution seems the only possible and correct one, however, in spite of the financial problems, the company is obliged to ensure the safety of trains and serve more passengers," said the Subway administration.

However, the Subway claims that reducing speed is a temporary measure, which is not a panacea for wear, but only for a delay in their replacement. "If the needs of Kyiv Subway will not be funded properly in the future, it will further reduce the speed of trains, and in time close the areas where track conditions will be unsuitable for use," summed up in the company.

Источник: https://censor.net.ua/en/n231637