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 Klimenko Won Zakharchenko: Tax Police Will Not Come Under Control of Interior Ministry

The structure of the newly established Ministry of Taxes and Fees was approved at the Cabinet meeting on Thursday.

Censor.NET reports that as the Minister of axes and Fees Oleksanr klymenko proposed the Tax Police will remain in the structure of the new Ministry and will not be reassigned to the MIA, as its head Vitalii Zakharchenko wanted. Moreover, according to information of Censor.NET, the decision on the fate of the Tax Police was made at the highest level.

Earlier, Interior Minister Vitalii Zakharchenko was able to block the approval of the new structure of the Ministry of Taxes and Fees. Zakharchenko proposed his alternative plan to reform law enforcement and fiscal authorities, where the key element was the transfer of the Tax Police to the subordination of the Ministry of Interior - that is to Zakharchenko himself.

Источник: https://censor.net.ua/en/n231271