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 Famous Ukrainians Threaten Yanukovych With New Maidan and Removal From Office

More than two hundred prominent Ukrainians appealed to President Viktor Yanukovych with a demand to stop the process of Ukraine's entry into the Customs Union and the amendments to the Constitution of Ukraine.

This was reported today at a press conference in Kyiv by representatives of the organizing committee of the initiative "Get out from Kremiln's Rule" reports Spіlna Sprava Movement.

The full text of the address of the People's Committee for Protection of Ukraine to the President:

"We, the members of the People's Committee for Protection of Ukraine and those who signed this appeal, imbued with concern for the fate of our country in connection with your intentions, despite their election promises to break supported by society and legally secured Ukraine's course towards European integration.

Three years of your regime marked the betrayal of Ukraine's national interests and systematic violations of human rights and fundamental freedoms, resulting in the entire country and most of its citizens being doomed to a miserable existence in an atmosphere of political repression, economic tyranny by oligarch clans and international isolation.

The hopes for cheap gas prices by concessions to strategic military-political, economic and humanitarian spheres in favor of Russia turned out to be illusory. These concessions only encouraged its leaders to new demands, key one being the complete accession of Ukraine to the Customs Union.

Membership in the Customs Union, which is part of the Eurasian Union, under the guise of which Moscow plans to restore the USSR, permanently deprive Ukraine of European civilization perspective, and destroy it as an independent state.

Your statements that future union with Russia, Kazakhstan and Belarus is purely economic in nature are not true. Threat of recovery of the totalitarian Russian Empire now seriously worries the world because of Russian President Vladimir Putin's revanchist ambitions are no secret - he openly declares his intention to develop not only economic but also political, military, humanitarian integration within the structures dominated by Russia.

The course on membership in the Customs Union for Ukraine means loss of national sovereignty, economically and politically disastrous for the Ukrainian society. This is a betrayal of the Ukrainian people who support European integration of Ukraine. This applies to the voters of the Party of Regions who were also promised European and not Eurasian integration.

In order to justify and legitimize Ukraine's joining the Customs Union you and your cronies are preparing a referendum. We have no doubt that your regime can falsify its results as well as it did the results of the parliamentary elections in 2012. Besides the Law "On national referendum" itself by use of which you are going to organize this process was adopted in violation of the Constitution of Ukraine and the Law of Ukraine "On the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine" and thus is void and cannot be used.

The only referendum, which corresponds to the will of the Ukrainian people today is a referendum on the immediate termination of your powers of the President as a person who through anti-people, anti-Ukrainian policy and usurpation of power lost legitimacy and moral support of the society.

Any attempt to draw Ukraine into the Customs Union and/or change the constitutional state in a manner not permitted by the present Constitution of Ukraine will be a start of a new Maidan to remove you from office."

Among the signatories of the appeal are diplomats, military officers, scientists, cultural workers, government officials and public figures. In particular, Levko Lukianenko, Dmytro Pavlychko, Ivan Dziuba, Yurii Mushketik, Viacheslav Briukhovetskyy, Anatolii Palamarenko, Miroslav Popovych, Valerii Shevchuk, Vasyl Shkliar, Mikhailo Slaboshpytskyy, Volodymyr Lanovyy, Oleksandr Suhoniako and others. The signing of the petition continues.

The signatories stressed at a press conference that "the Ukrainian nation is in mortal danger: the current regime is trying to pull Ukraine into the Customs Union and illegitimately change its constitutional order."

The Committee calls upon the opposition parliamentary and non-parliamentary parties, patriotic civic organizations, the entire Ukrainian people to join the civil initiative "Get out from Kremlin's Rule" and join the organization of its popular support.

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