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 I Was With Scherban Until his Death. Only Donetsk Clan Could Kill Him, Says Kuzhel

The deputy told the details of the crime of which Tymoshenko is accused.

Deputy Oleksandra Kuzhel told the Focus about her stay in Kharkiv hospital with Yulia Tymoshenko. She also said she was near Yevhen Scherban until his death and is confident in the innocence of former Prime Minister to his murder.

According to Kuzhel having learned of the Tymoshenko being suspected of Shcherban assassination she and Tymoshenko and deputies Liudmyla Denysova and Tetiana Sliuz laughed. "She (Tymoshenko) said: 'Even an insane person cannot come up with something like this - to accuse me of killing Shcherban when I had excellent human relations with him.' It's just absurd. Dnepropetrovsk people going into the land of Donetsk control was unimaginable," said Kuzhel.

She also said that there is a similar situation in Kharkiv today, which was then in Donetsk. "Believe me, the place where Tymoshenko is serving her sentence was not selected randomly - the authorities know that Dobkin and Kernes (the governor of Kharkiv oblast and the mayor of Kharkiv) control the region completely. Even the bandits who carried us out of Tymoshenko's ward were not from the prison service - these were militants of Kernes. They threw us on the stairs and immediately ran down, heads down, afraid to be caught on cameras. I have seen them on several occasions in Kharkiv - a "combat unit" of the regime, always doing the dirtiest work. One thing is certain: Shcherban's murder could only be organized by Donetsk clan," said the MP.

Kuzhel called the charges against Tymoshenko absurd. "I was the person who was with Yevhen (Shcherban) until his death. I had been with him in the same team since 1994. I knew all his friends and enemies - overt and covert. Tymoshenko was not among them, and could not be - too low a figure at the time. They were on different orbits," said Kuzhel.

In addition, she said that during the meeting with Tymoshenko they talked about the new laws, the situation in the country and read poetry by Lina Kostenko. "She told me about her time in jail and prison. That prisoners whom she affectionately calls "girls " are forced to work around the clock. And for almost an hour we had been reading poetry by Lina Kostenko and talked about it. We spoke only mouth to ear and the knocked loudly on the table, because they record and analyze everything. She was concerned that we can not lie down, gave her own blanket for us to be comfortable. She did not talk about herself, her problems at all," said Kuzhel.

At that she assured that the opposition has a plan of action. "It is clear and understandable. We simply cannot publish it yet. Moreover, without the support of the people many of its points are not easy to realize. And getting people out on the whistle - that does not happen," said Kuzhel.

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