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 The Main Witness in Pavlichenko Case Admits Pressure from Investigators: Real Killer Does Not Look Like Them

The main witness in the case of Pavlichenko family Oleksii Naumets admitted that he had been pressured by the investigators.

The elevator boy who was in an elevator with a killer of judge Sergey Zubkov for several minutes told Ukrainian Scandals program on 1 +1 channel.

Zubkov's killer tried to shoot Naumets but he was saved by a misfire and is still alive. According to Naumets, the killer shot with his left hand, while both Pavlichenkos are right-handed.

According to the witness, the criminal looked like like Pavlichenko senior, but it was not Dmytro or Serhii. "He was taller, really taller. As I stood next to him I did not even reach his shoulder but his armpit. And Pavlichenko is slightly higher than me. Hair - that guy had lighter hair... He had pox marks. It's not just me saying it. I remembered there were two other witnesses, they confirmed, well, then he did have them. Right, and Pavlichenko does not have them. It turns out that it is not him," said Naumets.

Naumets said that in the first interrogation he told investigator Rybka that it was not them. "I also said it in court that it was not him, and then later that it was not him. And then they brought the paperwork and this Rybka said: 'Sign everything and that's all.' Well, he pressured me psychologically. And I said: Well, that guy was taller and this one is not like that. 'You do not look at the height, really. Does he look like him?' I said 'Yeah, I guess.' 'Then sign it and that's it!" admitted the witness.

The witness claims that he was strongly urged by the investigator to recognize Pavlichenko Sr. as the killer. He adds that he did not agree with that, and did not want to say it. The guy honestly admits that he just got scared.

This exposure by the program the journalists showed to Kyiv Deputy Prosecutor Serhii Sofiev. "You know you will not disappoint me with this for one reason: there is a lot, a lot of evidence. In this case it is not important for us, it does not matter," said Sofiev.

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