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 Hockey Fight - Donbas Fans Beat Up Russians for Shouting F@#k Ukrainians!

After the hockey game that took place on January 16 in Donetsk, there was a mass brawl of hockey fans from Ukraine and Russia, which involved about 20 people. The fight didn’t last long - just a few minutes, and after the police pulled the fans apart.

Some were injured, Segodnya reports.

As the witnesses say, three Russians went to the store for some vodka and snacks to celebrate the victory on the road (Nizhniy Novgorod Torpedo won the local Donbas). On the way chanted insulting slogans. "They were boorish, loudly shouting f@#k Ukrainians."

Then they started a scandal at the store when they tried to buy alcohol without waiting in line. Naturally, people began to complain and a brawl broke out. Donetsk people showed them how to behave when you are a guest, a little rough, but I think they did right thing," said Andrii, a local resident who witnessed the events.

In the midst of a fight the shouts attracted the police and after a few minutes the two ambulances came. "When I came to a bus stop, I could see that one of them had a man inside with a bloody face. Another car had no light in it but I saw a couple of guys get in - probably also injured.

Russian fans crowded around the ambulances, and one of them said: "They are taking him to sew up!" probably referring to his bloodied friend, says Andrii. The day after the fight the management of the Russian club rushed to accuse Donetsk of "beastly behavior": "To attack the people who come to visit and are clearly outnumbered just because your team lost is beneath dignity," said Andrey Osipenko, CEO of Torpedo HC.

The Disciplinary Committee of the Continental Hockey League management found that the Russians themselves provoked a fight and, in fact, came to Donetsk with Nazi symbols.

Источник: https://censor.net.ua/en/n230595