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 "They Cannot Rest While Ukrainians Survice Even on Minimum Wage," Says Liapina

Ukraine in 2013 will flounder, and people will live as if in a concentration camp.

In an interview with Gazeta Po Ukrainski Batkivschyna's Kseniia Liapina stated: "Ukraine in 2013 will flounder. We got stuck on a fringe," she said. "The new government, especially its financial unit makes me pessimistic because we have a team of adventurers and financial speculators. They say that since it is impossible to control the income, then we will take you on in expenses. There will be blocks in cash register, which will broadcast information about buying into the database of the National Bank."

According to the politician, this database is created "for control over each of us."

"Then they will ban cash purchases, switch to cards and our personal expenses will be calculated in the database. This is like living in a concentration camp - biometric passport, a population register regarding the movement in the country and expenses control," said Liapina.

She added: "It's introduced to be able at any moment to rob people in any way they want to. They cannot rest while Ukrainians still survive on the minimum wage. And some unemployed even have some savings."

Источник: https://censor.net.ua/en/n230448