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 Buying and Selling Apartments Became More Expensive

Starting January 1 part of the authority of the Bureau of Technical Inventory was transferred to the state registrars. Now they issue title deeds for housing. And buying or selling an apartment on the secondary market can be done without officials - in the office of a notary.

It is reported by Delo.

However, in practice everything is more complicated because people do not understand many things. For example, first time people wait in line to the window of the state registrar they ask how to fill out the paperwork correctly, and only the second time they file it.

The notaries can help to fill the forms - there are over six thousand of them in Ukraine. The seller brings the document confirming ownership of the apartment and the buyer brings money. The notary certifies the transaction, making the registry changes and immediately gives the buyer the document affirming property titles. Before, the buyer gave money and left empty-handed, and became the owner of the apartment later - after waiting in line at the BTI to be filed into the registry.

However, some notaries send people to state institutions - they say it's more reliable. Some notaries are even hiding from Ukrainians. They say that they took a break until February or are on vacation, that is, evading compiling contracts in different ways.

The notaries are afraid to lose time and afraid of responsibility - including criminal prosecution. Because now every legal expert is personally responsible for every comma in the registry. The notaries already include the fee for additional risks. Buying and selling an apartment became more expensive, but you can save on technical expertise.
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