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 Korolevska is a Minister With No Higher Education, Moskal

Oppositionist says the newly appointed Social Policy Minister lost her diploma in Luhansk.

Opposition's Hennadii Moskal shared information regarding the situation report about the loss of a university diploma by Natalia Korolevska.

"Reading the situation reports to the Interior Ministry, I have found an interesting piece of information: on December 25, 2012 in Luhansk the police received a statement from the Minister of Social Policy Korolevska Natalia. She stated that on December 9, she lost diploma of Dal East Ukrainian National University on the streets of Luhansk.

This raises some interesting questions. First, has anyone ever seen Mrs. Korolevska walking on foot in the street? Second, if someone has seen her walking on foot, have they seen her carrying the diploma? Third, according to the theory of probability, even if she was walking through the streets of the fine city of Luhansk, even if she was carrying the diploma at the time (which in itself is very doubtful!), it would still be very difficult to lose it," writes Moskal. "But most importantly, fourth, is that the day before the Madam was appointed Minister by the President who she so criticized during the election campaign! Korolevska went to the police at a time when it was necessary to file paperwork to the personnel office and she had been forgetting to do that all the time starting December 9."

"It is obvious that she simply had nothing to show to the personnel department. What does this mean? The absence of higher education diploma or the process of legalization of the document with obvious shortcomings? I truly believe that our valiant police, to which Korolevska referred for help will figure it out. And I can Madam a free advice - with such attitude she can lose not only a diploma, honor, and conscience, but also the whole of the social policy of the state which she was entrusted by the President," he said.

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