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 Tymoshenko Wrote a Letter to Yanukovych: Dear Viktor, I Will See You Soon. Very Soon

Former Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko wrote an open letter to President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych.

The Letter was released today at a briefing in Kharkiv by Tymoshenko's lawyer Serhii Vlasenko, reports Batkivschyna press service.

Open letter to a citizen of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych.

It has been a year and seven months from the time you took me hostage and by force and deception kept me in captivity. Using the same force you captured and usurped power in the country and have embarked on the course of Ukrainofobia and kleptocracy. Thanks to you, Ukraine has almost lost the chance to become a European state.

Ukrainians are forced to live in injustice, lack of freedom, humiliation and poverty. They do not respect you, but they are afraid. They are afraid that you will take away their jobs, business, freedom, opportunities for children.

The state that you embody may at any time take away everything from a person with impunity. To reduce the fear of your regime in the community and once again say that you humiliate and destroy Ukraine, I declare my personal campaign of civil disobedience. It is my right stipulated by part 5 of Article 55 of the Constitution of Ukraine. Today it is my only right I can use.

I openly tell you that we all - me, Yura Lutsenko and other political prisoners, the people of Ukraine - all of us are political hostages, whom you hold in hindsight. I believe that we all do not have the right to accept it. We all must stop you as soon as possible.

Today I start my personal campaign of civil disobedience, and since this moment I, firstly do not recognize your prosecutors and investigators any more - they are not the ones they say they are, they are not real - they are yours, dear Viktor, corrupt, unethical, politically biased criminal group, a legion of thugs in epaulettes, belts and badges. Your prosecutors and investigators act in the name of Ukraine, but their anthem was and remains Murka (one of the most famous songs among criminals). For them there is no law, no constitution, no officer's honor. Treating them as real prosecutors and investigators is a mistake and is unworthily of a Ukrainian patriot.

That's why starting today I will never communicate with them, give them any explanation, answer their questions or participate in any criminal proceedings which are obviously ordered and orchestrated. Let them without my participation mimic "fair" investigations.

Secondly, from this moment on in protest I will never voluntarily come to your court, because it has for long ceased to be a court - it is the Inquisition without justice and honor for the 46 million citizens of Ukraine. Your pseudo trials and pseudo judges, dear Viktor are rotten and they stink. It makes no sense to expect justice, competence or impartiality from them. They are a legion of sweaty and gutless Kyreiev (judge who sentenced Tymoshenko), so I have nothing to do in these courts - let them judge without me. When you dear Viktor will continue political repression and further spoil the remnants of your political image then you will have to bring me to court using brute physical force. I will physically resist it as far as I have the strength and life in me. And it will be my personal struggle against political repression, neodictatorship, including pseudo judges and pseudo trials.

And finally - third. From this moment on I will not obey the prison torture you set for me. I will never allow personal inspection or search of my things. I will be physically protected, despite the illness and I will do it any way I can. I will not go into your prison chamber until you, dear Viktor take off there the camera through which you peek on me around the clock, looking into my bed, my shower, the toilet, watch how I change, sleep, communicate with doctors and lawyers.

I wonder whether you, dear Viktor are supported by your sons Oleksandr and Viktor in such male entertainment. We, the Ukrainian society have a right to know whether the successors of the throne have the same morals as you do. I will not go into the prison's medical ward until you withdraw the guards from it, which is there illegally, standing next to my bed when I sleep or undergo medical treatment, that sits near my table when I eat or work. I advise you to transfer this honor guard from my bedroom to yours. I will no longer put up with your unprecedented violation of Article 28 of the Constitution of Ukraine, both in relation to me, and in relation to each person in our country. Time of my patience and tolerance is up. I know that you are bound to continue cracking me down but that, dear Viktor will not help you. Whatever you do to me - you have already lost. There is not even the slightest chance to fix your political fiasco.

Everyone already knows who you really are. Your author's portrait was painted by you personally and presented to the world. Not a very nice portrait but sincere as your smile.

I'm sure that most Ukrainian will not accept the humiliation that you offer to our citizens, everyone will find their individual form of civil protest and disobedience that will be available. For example, as did a TV presenter, when in a weather report on the 1st National Channel she found the strength to tell people the truth about the current regime, or a student who threw a bouquet of flowers into the face of Ukraine hating Minister. Ukrainians will act, they know they suck up to this humiliating existence you are offering them. You know it, too, I am sure.

Dear Viktor, I Will See You Soon. Very Soon.
Yulia Tymoshenko

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