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 Two Hyundais Break Down Again. Passengers Fear Celebrating New Year in Trains

Two Hyundai express trains going from Kyiv to Donetsk and from Kharkiv to Kyiv broke down again.

Andrii Manchuk wrote on his Facebook page: "I just got a call from Denis Levine who is on board of Hyundaya travelling from Kyiv to Donetsk. Around seven o'clock the imported train traditionally broke down in a snowy field, and has now been towed to Hrebenki. And Leonid Shvets writes that his family is stuck on another broken Hyundai on the road from Kharkiv to Kyiv," notes the blogger.

"So, if you happen to celebrate the New Year in a broken down ultramodern train, you must realize that the social and economic system responsible for it has failed a long time ago," summed up Manchuk.

Источник: https://censor.net.ua/en/n228838