Opposition Candidate Will Win in Second Round of Presidential Elections, Sociologist

If Ukraine held early presidential elections, the second round would have been won by opposition candidate.

Director of Democratic Initiatives Fund Iryna Bekeshkina commented the opinion poll on her Facebook page.

Before that, she published the poll data.

"If Ukraine held early presidential elections, and opposition party leaders would take part in them, the second round would see Viktor Yanukovych - 22.9%, and Yulia Tymoshenko - 13.1% or Vitali Klitschko - 11.7%," said the sociologist.

If Tymoshenko does not take part in the election, then, according to the survey, the second round would have Yanukovych - 22.7% and Yatsenyuk - 14.0% or Klitschko - 13.1%, she added.

Next in the ranking are Petro Symonenko - 6.2% and Oleh Tyahnybok - 5.2%. 18% percent of the respondents are undecided.

Later Bekeshkina noted that this is the first round.

"And Yanukovych is a single candidate from the regime, and there are as many as four from the opposition - Tymoshenko, Klitschko, Yatsenyuk, and Tyahnybok, and together they are getting 36% and Yanukovych - 22%," noted Bekeshkina.

"That is, the real conclusion from this data is that in case of fair elections Yanukovych would certainly lose in the second round. Just as the opposition won in total, won by party lists, the same thing will happen to the opposition candidate in the second round (it does not even matter - a single one or the one who will come out in the second round) would highly probability (at least for now) beat Yanukovych," said the sociologist.

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