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 Over Half of Ukrainians are Against Russian Being Official Language, Poll Shows

More than half of Ukrainians are against granting official status to the Russian language, as the data of sociological study conducted in fall shows.

According to the survey, 51% of Ukrainians oppose the official status for the Russian language. At the same time, 41% of respondents support this position. Another 8% are undecided, reports Interfax-Ukraine.

Among the biggest supporters of bilingualism are residents of Donbas (75%), the South (72%) and the East (53%). However, almost 70% of the residents of central and northern Ukraine, and almost 90% of the West do not to support the initiative. Granting the Russian language the status of the state one is supported more by elderly and less by youth, more in urban than in rural areas.

The study notes that in the past 2 years the number of supporters and opposition to the bilingualism has remained equal. However, in 2012 the level of support for providing Russian with official status rapidly declined, especially in the second half.

Regarding the issue of Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists-Ukrainian Insurgent Army, a quarter of respondents supported the idea to recognize them participants of the struggle for the independence of Ukraine, 51% - do not. Another 26% are undecided. In comparison with 2010 the number of supporters of the idea grew from 20 to 23%, and opponents - decreased from 61 to 51%. Also increased the number of undecided on the issue.

The idea to recognize UIA in the struggle for the independence of Ukraine is supported by more than 60% of Western Ukraine, and about a quarter of the inhabitants of central and northern Ukraine.

More than half of the inhabitants of the East, almost 70% of Donbas and the South do not support such an initiative. More supportive of the idea are people in the villages than in cities. The greatest number of undecided on this issue is among youth. Among older people - the highest level of non-support.

The study was conducted from September 25 to October 5, 2012. Audience - Ukrainians aged 18 years and older. The sample population - 2,000 respondents. Research method - a personal interview formalized according to the questionnaire (face to face).

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