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 United Russia Clarified that Relocation to Siberia Concerns Ukrainian with EU

Coordinator of the Eurasian Union of Donbass, Secretary of Rostov regional branch of Russian Social Conservative Union of United Russia Anton Bredikhin states that Ukrainian media misinterpreted his words about resettlement of 7 million Ukrainians to Siberia.

Gazeta.ua cites him as saying that «during the round table "Eurasian Union: Myth or Reality?" I mentioned the possibility of an initiative to create a favorable environment for labor migration Ermak 2.0. The essence of the question was how to present the project to create the conditions of labor migration to Siberia and the Far East from the post-Soviet countries. However, in Ukrainian media the words were received negatively due to their misinterpretation. Ermak 2.0 suggests the possibility of job creation in the Trans-Ural region of Russia with the provision of workers (citizens of CIS countries) with free land and housing as well as a decent salary. This initiative offered the opportunity for public involvement of Ukraine citizens working in the European Union, the unemployed population of the North Caucasus, as well as migrants from the republics of Central Asia working in Central Russia," explained Bredikhin.

"This project is not affiliated with the All-Russian political party United Russia and Russian President Vladimir Putin despite the fact that it is in this context that it was offered in a number of media. The project serves my personal initiative and any association has no grounds," he insists.

Bredikhin also believes that "the possibility of Chinese expansion is relevant not only for Russia."

"Although it is Russia that has a border with China in Siberia and the Far East. Earlier I reported about the possibility of China's economic expansion in Ukraine. That is why I think that the Chinese expansionist threat is common, both for Russia and for Ukraine. I am not indifferent to the fate of Ukraine and the Ukrainian people due to personal factor, because there is also Ukrainian blood in my veins. I share the feelings of Ukrainians and all tragedies of the Ukrainian people I perceived as personal."

Bredikhin expressed confidence that the CIS has a future only within the framework of the Eurasian Union.

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