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 Klitschko is Against Everyone Speaking Ukrainian - the Language Issue is Number 31 on the Agenda

Leader of Udar party Vitali Klitschko is confident sure that it is not necessary to make everyone speak Ukrainian.

He said this on the air of TVi Channel.

"If the parties are proposing the European way of development of Ukraine, I am sure that we will be able to cooperate with these parties in this direction," - he said.

"But we are different and we have different directions, for example, I do not agree with many things that Svoboda proposes, for instance that everyone should speak Ukrainian, Ukraine for Ukrainians," said Klitschko.

The politician specified that "there are areas that historically speak Russian."

"If a person wants to be a civil servant, he will have to master the official language but as a deputy he/she is a representative of a community, and we cannot expect him to speak another language if he spoke Russian all his life. The language issue is number 31 on the agenda," he said.

At that Klitschko noted that "he did not speak Ukrainian" because he was born in another country, and also lived in different places, but that he is going to speak "fine Ukrainian."

To accusations that Klitschko brothers business is located mainly in Germany, which means that taxes are paid to that economy, he added that "it happened, because he could not realize himself in this country."

He said that his company will hold fights in Ukraine, "when Ukrainians will be able to pay 100-300 euros for a boxing match ticket."

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