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 Kuzhel on Korolevska’s Appointment: She Does Not Like People. She Made Money on Miners and Now it will be Disabled People

Batkivschyna deputy Oleksandra Kuzhel compared the appointment of Natalia Korolevska a Minister of Social Policy to receiving 30 pieces of silver.

Commenting on the appointment of Korolevska to Censor.NET, Kuzhel said: "She wanted to get her 30 pieces of silver. She snatched a percentage from the opposition. Just like we said she would. Right now I am sorry for the disabled and socially vulnerable, knowing how Natalia does not like people. Well we will push her to make her listen to people, to make decisions. We will control her," said Kuzhel, noting that the opposition has a very strong social block.

However, according to Kuzhel Korolevska has some experience in social issues: "She was the head of the committee in Parliament. Besides that she has a successful corporate experience. And this scares me a lot more. She made nice money on miners. I I think that now this is a serious lifeline for her not to get lost in politics. "

Kuzhel also reminded that Korolevska did not criticize anyone from the government but Azarov. "She was only allowed to criticize Azarov. As you can see Azarov id kind and humane," joked the deputy.

Источник: https://censor.net.ua/en/n228206