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 Trojan Horse Korolevska Got Consolation Prize, Says Kyrylenko

Appointment to the government of Mykola Azarov of Natalia Korolevska is a direct confirmation of the fact that during the elections she was not an opposition politician.

This was stated in a commentary to Censor.NET by deputy head of Batkivschyna faction Viacheslav Kyrylenko.

"She played an oppositionist with supportive and in favor of the government. For this she received a consolation prize in the form of Minister of Social Policy. All secret reveal themselves eventually. We as the opposition clearly knew that she was a Trojan horse. Now it has become clear to everyone," said the deputy.

However, according to Kyrylenko he is not interested in how Viktor Yanukovich looks for balance in the government.

"It all became clear when a vote for Azarov took place. The leader of economic stagnation in Ukraine Mykola Azarov becoming the Prime Minister eliminates the questions regarding any further appointments in the Cabinet, because it's clear that the policy of the government way will not change dramatically, and everyone will stay in their offices and engage in public procurement with no contest," said Kyrylenko.

Источник: https://censor.net.ua/en/n228188