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 Udar Does Not Rule Out Support for Alliance with Russia

If the Customs Union provided clear economic benefits for Ukraine, Udar faction may support joining the Customs Union.

In an interview to Glavkom Crimean politician, Udar deputy Serhii Kunitsyn stated: .

"As a professional economist I want to understand the subject to say yes or no. But why doesn't the current government even tell the parliament what the Customs Union is and which agreements it intends to sign. Believe me, Udar faction is in essence a constructive force, and if the economic benefits from participation in the Customs Union were obvious, I do not rule out that we would support it. But there is no information and I am sure that even three quarters of the Party of Regions do not understand it. Let the Prime Minister, Minister of Economy, Minister of Foreign Affairs, and the President if necessary come to the podium. It is the lack of information that creates rumors that the Customs Union is an attack on the sovereignty and so on. Churchill rightly said: "Politics is the art of the possible." We must cooperate with the EU, with Russia, and with the United States where it benefits our country and our people," said Kunitsyn.

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