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 Yanukovych Has Not Talked to Press for a Year

In response to the question, when will some kind of the press conference of the President be held, the press service traditionally advises to keep track of the announcements on the official site of the head of state.

Tyzhden reports that the President's press secretary stated: "There is no conference scheduled for December 21. Once it is scheduled, we will inform you at least a week in advance."

"That is, as soon as we have information that a press conference is included in the schedule of the President's, we will inform the media and post the announcement on the site," she said.

During the year, Yanukovych held brief press points with journalists from the pool and a short briefing together with his foreign guests.

He does not always stop by the journalists or the media is not allowed to the event with the participation of the head of state.

Meanwhile, Yanukovych's speech at the opening ceremony of the 64th World Newspaper Congress and 19th World Editors Forum in Kyiv was followed by a scandal.

During his speech, several journalists raised banners about the oppression of freedom of speech in Ukraine. But they were short-lived, as the guards pull them out.

The press conference of the head of state scheduled for July 4 in the Ukrainian House has not taken place. It was cancelled a few hours before the start due to the protests against the language law.

In addition, on September 25 previously announced Yanukovych's press conference in New York was canceled . However, the Presidential press service said that, firstly they did not plan a press conference but a press point, and secondly, that it was announced to all media representatives who have been accredited.

The activities and position of the President is actively covered by his press service. At that the journalists frequently catch this department on presenting incomplete information.

According to the press service of the President, this year Yanukovych gave 10 interviews to: Ukrainian TV (First National, Inter, ICTV and 1 +1), ITAR-TASS information agency, Russian Gazette, the South Korean Yonhap News Agency, and The Wall Street Journal, BBC, Polish newspaper Dziennik Gazeta Prawna and Cypriot newspaper Fileleftheros.

The last press conference of Viktor Yanukovych was held on 21 December 2011.

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