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 Tymoshenko: To Be Successful in Parliament We Need Opposition Coalition with Udar and Svoboda

Ex-Prime Minister and opposition leader Yulia Tymoshenko has addressed her fellow deputies on the first day of the newly elected parliament.

Batkivschyna press service provides the address:

"My dear team! Today is your first day in the Verkhovna Rada of the new convocation. Super-efforts you have made to ensure that after the elections you have an opportunity to send authoritarianism into oblivion made for a great election result better than Our Ukraine party in 2002 with the full consolidation of democratic and pro-Ukrainian forces. Such a result deserves respect.

I am grateful to all of you, your teams, and especially plurality deputies for the result achieved in these parliamentary elections. I would like to say some kind and warm words to Arseniy Yatsenyuk who worked hard and professionally as the number one on the parliamentary party list, and Oleksandr Turchynov who headed the election HQ management despite health problems. All of you are fighters, tried by time and hard challenges. Some are trying to criticize and humiliate your results in the election. Typically, this is done by those who are either useless themselves or achieve things through dishonesty and fraud. I thank you again for the result.

But today did not become a new political starting point for Ukraine. This day is a continuation of the rapid slide of Ukraine into the abyss of neo dictatorship. Seventy percent of the Ukrainian did not support the ruling family and its private party but in new Ukrainian reality that means nothing. It is obvious that the ruling group will create a majority and will continue to humiliate Ukraine and Ukrainians through fraud. This means that the democratic opposition de facto lost the elections, and I have nothing to congratulate you on today.

We had to foresee all the fraudulent technology and political corruption which the regime staked on during the election and prevent their implementation. This is how a powerful and victorious politics is made but we could not do it. I say "we" because I hold personal responsibility for our common loss.

While Yanukovych is in power, there will not be fair elections in the country. Yanukovych and fair elections are two things that are incompatible. This is the first thing that we had to consider in preparing for the election campaign. We should have refrained from proclaiming the mantra of fair elections (we knew who we were dealing with) and instead make a register of all electoral fraud technologies prepared by the ruling party, and develop and implement safeguards for each component that would reliably work against distortion of the results. We have not done this in time but the struggle against the regime continues. We must now begin preparations for the next elections by analyzing all methods of falsification used by the Party of Regions and the development of an effective antidote. I will work with you on the issue because I know recipes to combat this evil force.

Whatever the law on parliamentary or presidential elections is passed by this regime to remain in power they will at each subsequent elections resort fighting with no rules and use any weapons including ones unacceptable by international standards, honor and integrity. It does not mean that we do not need to improve the electoral legislation. We need to. I ask our faction to lead the development and adoption of a new Electoral Code, and immediately initiate the repeal of the law on elections to the Verkhovna Rada under the mixed system (the fact that we have made the return to the plurality districts component is our strategic mistake, and it should be corrected).

And simultaneously with the adoption of a new electoral legislation we now need to replace all the weak and corrupt leaders of the party structures from district level to oblast and begin mobilizing mini armies in every precinct with ideologically and organizationally strong and capable people who can stand up to the fight with no rules in the next election. I want to stress that that work should be started immediately. If in the next presidential elections in Ukraine we - and not someone else - do not stop the development of corrupt neo dictatorship we will take personal responsibility for the failure of the positive development of Ukraine.

Yes, we made strategic mistakes during the parliamentary election campaign, and we will immediately fix them but at the same time we laid a major foundation for our future victories - our strategic unity.

Batkivschyna, Front Zmin, People's Movement of Ukraine (Rukh), People's Self Defense, Party of Reforms and Order", Civil Position, For Ukraine, European Choice - we are all one team now, and it helped us to be stronger than others, get a better quality of opposition politics. Our unity is the main thing that we have in our country, that we all have. Do not ruin this blessing of God, do not let Batkivschyna faction be divided into two or more parliamentary teams. If you allow the separation of Batkivschyna into different factions - then, in subsequent stages, it will break down to molecules and atoms and disappear like a cloud in the clear sky. You had the wisdom and strength to unite, be patient, show respect for one another, the ability to achieve understanding daily in the most complicated situations in order to mold our still loose unity into a monolith with democratic principles and the ability to help your country.

I am categorically for the unity and strengthening of Batkivschyna faction and any attempt to break it into pieces will be taken as a betrayal of our common cause as a sabotage against the choice of the people. I know that before our association we had a complex history of relations. Different things happened... Different ... But I want to suggest you do as we did with Arseniy when we met for the first time in prison. We hugged and apologized to each other for all previous insults and misunderstanding. Apologized sincerely, with deep remorse and conscious, and this has made us completely solid and strong team. An army in which soldiers shoot at each other or set minds for one another is already dead and defeated.

Forgive each other completely, understand and accept your new colleagues with all their good and weak qualities and become invincible. Now I would also like to apologize to each of you for every rude word or past conflict if that happened between us. I want to believe that the most important thing in our lives is a sacrificial service to the people, the country, and not petty ambition and intrigue. No matter who will hold which positions in the committees and factions - these are just posts. The most important thing is to finally live up to the expectations of Ukrainians who - may be for the last time - have stepped over their distrust and frustration in politicians of all colors and despite everything you brought to the parliament. Treasure it and when you're ready psychologically and organizationally - become united in a single party. I will definitely support this move.

Currently the candidacy of the faction leader is being discussed. I believe that the election will be democratic, open and competitive. I want to participate in this poll. I give my vote to Arseniy Yatsenyuk for I am sure that being number 1 on the party list he has the moral right to lead the team in the parliament. I trust him and acknowledge his strong leadership qualities. I know he will not betray our cause, because life has taught us both a lot. I also think that his partner in this work will be Oleksandr Turchynov who will further continue to lead the party to victory.

Do everything you can to make our team immediately complete the public discussion on the distribution of seats in the new Parliament, offices and posts in the committees and factions, apartments and hotel rooms. I see this as a TV viewer, and I can tell you that it just causes irritation and frustration. Infinite criticizing of the gang that dug in the Presidential and governmental Penates is futile. People know the value of the ruling party and its, so to say, leader better than the opposition. Our team must present a clear plan of Ukraine's revival and return of equity in all its manifestations. This plan will not be an alternative, it will be the only plan because the current President and the Government always end up robbing the country.

Hold a public and unifying abolition of all anti-human and anti-Ukrainian laws that Chechetov coordinated with the wave of his hand in the previous Rada

Return the strategic state property by abolishing absurd parliamentary decisions.

Dispose of monopolies artificially created by Ukrainian oligarchy. Monopolies that drain our economy and cost kill Ukrainian families. Instead of all this stuff, that you will abolish insist on passing our carefully prepared bills designed on the basis of European values and European standards.

I am confident that you can do it. But there is another key requirement for the success of all future actions - the creation of a stable, well-coordinated opposition coalition in the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine of a new convocation with Batkivschyna and Udar parties.

I speak to you with a proposal to immediately initiate negotiations with Svoboda and Udar, to create a coordinating council, to agree on a common agenda and strictly adhere to all agreements reached. Svoboda and Udar parties are our friends, our allies, our common army in the fight against evil. I think it appropriate besides signing the coalition agreement to sign something like a declaration of understanding to define our principles of no contest and no struggling. We must understand and acknowledge publicly that only sincere cooperation and unified coalition of three opposition parties - Batkivschyna, Svoboda and Udar - gives a chance for liberation from occupation, from kleptocracy.

Let us try, at least once in all the time of independence, to combine all the pro-Ukrainian, democratic forces without overpowering aggressive and unnecessary fuss, no behind the back kicking or double standards.

I want to mention one more thing - after the revision of the Constitution of Ukraine by Yanukovych there is no more constitutional definition of the ruling coalition but all those who voted for the candidacy of the Prime Minister and the budget de facto become the ruling coalition and will assume full responsibility for the situation in country.

And finally - go to the people, communicate with them in their territory, looking into their eyes, stop going to these shameful, humiliating, censored political talk shows - they will neither return people's trust in you politicians nor strengthen it, and now this is what is determinative. Ukrainians must understand you, believe you, take your in their hearts and go after you. Only then can you truly be elected from Batkivschyna (Motherland) not as the name of the party.

Having understood and supported Ukrainians, you can change everything, put everything in its logical place. Be strong, inscribe your names into the best pages of Ukrainian history. You have my support

Yulia Tymoshenko"

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