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 Regime Substituted the Budget and Provided Itself With Extra 2 billion for Expenses, Yatsenyuk

The Law on State Budget 2013 signed by the President and the bill on the state budget for 2013 adopted by the parliament on 6 December are two different documents.

According to the press service of Front Zmіn, this was stated by head of Batkivschyna parliamentary faction Arseniy Yatsenyuk. "On the road from the parliament to the Administration of the President there appeared significantly increased spendings on the power and significantly reduced ones for citizens. This is shown by an analysis of the budget that is posted on the website of the Verkhovna Rada on December 4, and the text of the law, published on December 19, in the Government Courier. According to the transcript of the meeting of parliament, the numbers voiced by the rapporteur of the Budget Committee already differed from those that the deputies could see in the "Talmud" entitled "State Budget Draft".

However, even these figures differ from the final ones. Thus, the spendings of the state budget in the draft constitute 410.7 billion UAH, the ones voiced by the head of the relevant committee - 411.9 billion and after the signature of the President the figure rose to 412.1 billion UAH. On the way to Bankova the revenues rose, too - from 361.5 to 362.8 billion, and the maximum state budget deficit from 50.4 to 50.5 billion, that is by 100 million," said Yatsenyuk.

According to him, the lion's share of the increase spending goes to the police - the Ministry of Internal Affairs received 1 billion hryvnia more than it was stated in the draft. "This is not a gift to the Police Day, it is a sign that they are afraid of their own people and trying to barricade itself with police shields," added Yatsenyuk.

Also radically different in the final budget are the figures for expenditures on the government bodies. In particular, the upkeep of the Verkhovna Rada was increased by 60 million UAH. "Despite the fact that the government promised to reduce the spending on it to 274.5 million UAH, the Cabinet secretly increase it to 334.5 million," added the leader of Batkivschyna. "Besides that the spending on the Ministry of Justice grew by 342.8 million UAH, State Tax Service - by 56.7 million UAH, State Affairs Department - by 15 million UAH, NSDC - by 19.4 million. The State Judicial Administration of Ukraine, the Supreme Administrative Court of Ukraine, and the Constitutional Court of Ukraine received additional 31.5 million UAH.

In this case, the power cut public spending: the Ministry of Social Policy will short-receive 20 million UAH, Institutions for the rehabilitation of patients with cerebral palsy - more than 7 million. Local budgets will miss another 160 million hryvnia - subsidy for repair of water and wastewater systems was decreased by 160 million UAH. The draft state budget for 2013 was passed in the legislature in 32 minutes: a document of 400 pages was given to deputies the day before its consideration, and the process of discussing the main financial document of the country took no more than 20 minutes, and no changes in the parliament had not been made.

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