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 Putin: Ukraine Has Not Applied For Customs Union Membership but Kyiv is Concerned

The Russian President commented for Ukrainian journalists on Yanukovych canceling his visit to the Kremlin and the gas issue.

Vladimir Putin said that the Russian side is still waiting on the specifics from Ukraine on the issue of the Customs Union, Censor.NET reports.

"This is not about Ukraine's accession to the Customs Union. To discuss it we need to get an official request from Ukraine on its accession. We understand Ukrainian concerns. It is harder and harder for it to solve its economic problems related to work in our market, in the market of third countries," said Putin. He reminded about the Nord Stream and increased amount of gas bypassing Ukraine. "I think our Ukrainian partners have made a strategic mistake when we offered to lease the gas transportation system and to commit to its development," said Putin. "Now a question of the existence of the gas transportation system of Ukraine arises."

Putin also commented on the gas issue. Judging by the comments of the Russian President, Russia is not planning to revise the agreements.

"There is a long term contract. No one questions its legitimacy. We work under this contract. Gazprom helps, provides loans, pays transit fees in advance. The work is not easy. It is related to the fact that Gazprom is developing the infrastructure. We completed the construction of the "Nord Stream" and "Blue Stream".

Vladimir Putin said that they are discussing currently cooperation with foreign partners in which the participation of Ukraine in the transit of gas is in question.

"Our partners made a big strategic mistake. We were offering to lease the Ukrainian gas transportation system and at the same time to undertake its development," he reminded. "Now there is a question of the expediency of the Ukrainian GTS existence."

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