Traffic Police Limited Movement on Most Dangerous Roads. LIST

The Traffic Police has limited movement on the most dangerous and uncleared roads in Ukraine.

NBN reports that temporary restrictions were introduced in Volyn oblast on the following highways: T-03-03 (Lutsk-Radomyshl-Demidovka to Dubno) 8 - 18 km in the direction of Rivne oblast - for freight transport.

In Carpathian region: R-20-Sniatyn Tiaziv 0-27 km - for all types of transport; P-24 Tatariv - Kosiv - Colomyia - Borschev - Kamenetz-Podolsky 136-172 km - for all kinds of transport.

The travel is also limited in Khmelnytsk oblast for trucks not equipped with anti-skid devices on M-12 Stryy - Ternopil - Kyrovohrad - Znamenka 191 - 272 km, P-48 Kamenets-Podolsk - Sataniv - Viytyvtsi - Bilohiria, 0 - 159 km; T-23-08 Hukiv - Dunaevtsi - Mohylev-Podolsk 0 - 109 km, T-23-21 Yarmolyntsi - Kamenets-Podolsk 0 - 51 km.

In Ternopil oblast on H-18 Ivano-Frankivsk - Buchach - Ternopil 80-95 km - for all modes of transport; detour through the surrounding villages; P-41 Ternopil Bypass (20-27 km) - for all transport and P-32 Bila Tserkva - Kremenets (2-16 km) - for all modes of transport.

Movement in Rivne oblast is complicated due to snow, and in some cases limited on local roads within Zdolbuniv, Bereznovsk, Goshchansk, Dubrovytsi, Dubny, Demidiv, Zarechnensk, Kostopil, Korets, Mlyniv, Ostroh, Rokytne and Rivne districts.

Источник: https://censor.net.ua/en/n227777