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 Regions and National Bank: Why do You Need Dollars? Sell Them to Save Yourself from Headache

The population of Ukraine has no need to keep their savings in dollars, said the head of the Ukrainian National Bank Council and Party of Regions deputy Ihor Prasolov (comrade of Rinat Akhmetov).

"What country do you live in? In Ukraine? What currency do we have? The hryvnia? What is the most important in terms of money? For the prices not to grow, right? So you can buy something in January for 100 hryvnia, and at the end of the year - in December - you could get the same thing. Since we have the inflation rate close to zero, why do you need the dollar? You are paying in hryvnia in Ukraine: when you buy clothes, food - it is all for national currency. Sell your dollars to save yourself from headache," called he in an interview to the Day newspaper.

"One of the candidates forecasted a crazy rate - about 10-11 hryvnia for dollar - that makes you wonder how he to call himself a financier... The National Bank is always there, it is a powerful organization, it has powerful; gold and currency reserves. It will always smooth out a large peak which could harm the citizens, commercial operations," added Prasolov.

He stressed that the government will not give up the idea of taxing foreign exchange transactions.

"I think that the National Bank will not abandon the idea of taxing the sale of currency," said Prasolov.

"Well, how else can you work with people? In the conditions of low inflation economy the prices do not grow as before by 20%, 30% a year. Why do we have this currency panic and love for the dollar?" concluded the official.

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