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 Once Again the Infamous Hyundai: Kolesnikov’s Train Stuck in Snow With No Heat or Electricity

Speed electric train Hyundai going from Kyiv to Kharkiv got stuck forty kilometers from the destination.

Arrival of the train from the capital to Kharkiv's railway station was expected at 22:50, but instead it arrived at 00:00 a.m., reports URA-Inform.

Passengers report that Hyundai got stuck near the Ohultsy village located forty kilometers from Kharkiv. The train was not able go on its own and was hooked to a Soviet locomotive which pulled it to the final destinations. First, for the sake of energy the train's heating and electricity was turned off but it ran out of power still.

As a result, the passengers were going their last part of the trip to Kharkov with no electricity or heat at 50 km / h.

In the last two weeks Hyundai trains broke down at least 10 times. In recent days, a decrease in temperature led to an increase in the number of such failures.

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