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 Crimean Prime Minister Mohylev: Police Must Serve Ruling Party. AUDIO

Police protects the interests of the Party of Regions along with the interests of citizens.

This was stated by head of the Crimean Government Anatolii Mohylev during a gala assembly of the Crimean Interior Ministry head office on the Day of Police, reports "Arguments of the Week. Crimea".

Thus, congratulating the law enforcement the head of the Crimean government - who is a police general and former Interior Minister - said that police officers serve the ruling party.

"The police is performing a very important and complex function in the country. It maintains order and protects the interests of the citizens, the state, the interests of the political force in power. Because the power ensures the stability and normal life in the country," he said.

The law "On Police" and the Constitution guarantees the independence of law enforcement officers from the influence of any political parties and public organizations when they are on duty.

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