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 Ukraine Will Join the Customs Union. But With Its Own Line, Says Party of Regions

Now the President is dealing with defining the economic unions that Ukraine would do well by cooperating sectorally.

This was said on Channel 5 by Regions Volodymyr Vecherko, commenting on why Yanukovych's visit to Moscow was canceled. "There are issues that require further and deeper study. And Viktor Yanukovych will come and negotiate on those issues on which the experts worked on," said the politician.

"Our colleague Yatsenyuk says that the visit was canceled," added Vecherko. "This is demagoguery. And we have come to work in Parliament. We and Russia have issues we need to discuss. Problem number one is the gas price. It's unacceptable for us. Both President and Prime Minister are trying to do everything to bring it down. Also the Regions

"The second question is Ukraine's accession to the Customs Union. However, Ukraine is producing its own line of cooperation. Everybody needs us as a transit country, so we have to define according to the segments, with whom it would be better to work with. And that is what the President is doing now," said the politician.

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