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 Latvia Arrested Accounts of Company Which Sold Ukraine Overpriced Boiko’s Drilling Tower

Latvian state police arrested Highway Investments Processing LLP company accounts which sold Chornomornaftogaz the drilling tower at an overstated price.

This is stated in the response of the Latvian to the inquiry of the TVi program on tender news.

"In connection with the purchase by Ukrainian enterprise CHERNOMORNEFTEGAZ of the floating drilling unit (platform) on March 1, 2011, on May 16, 2012 the Office for Combating Economic Crimes of the Criminal Police of Latvia upon legalization of criminal proceeds, a criminal case N. 11816009312 was initiated in accordance with part 3 article 195 of the Criminal law of Latvia," said the response.

Head of the First Department for Combating Economic Crimes of the State Police Janis Celms told TVi that to establish the flow of funds to the bank account of Highway Investments Limited its account in the Latvian Trastkomertsbank was arrested.

"Thus, the criminal procedure process in Latvia provides account arrest in which case the client naturally cannot do anything with his account. We have conducted our procedural actions," said Celms.

Latvian law enforcement agencies have already submitted requests to Ukrainian prosecutors to question the persons involved from the Ukrainian side.

"We'll have to question the citizens of Ukraine, yes. But, as you know, we cannot force them to come," he said.

"And if we cannot we will do it through legal assistance. Internationally, we have asked Ukraine for help and are waiting for a response. Legal aid - to question or to conduct certain investigations in the territory of Ukraine," said Celms.

The Latvian law enforcement does not disclosed the names of those involved in the case and their status.

As you know, in 2011 the Ukrainian Chornomornaftogaz acquired drilling platform through a front intermediary - ostensibly a British firm Highway Investments Processing LLP.

This increased the real price of the tower from 250 to 400 million dollars. The huge difference in price, factually a loss for the Ukrainian budget has stayed in the accounts of Highway company."

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