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 Opposition Promises Powerful Resistance to Customs Union Agreements In Rada

Any agreements with the Customs Union contradicts Ukrainian legislation.

Opposition deputy Andrii Parubii in an interview to Gazeta.ua noted that "Yanukovych is not authorized to sign any such documents on his own. He may sign a memorandum, a document that allegedly sets Ukraine on such path. But any document he signs in regard to joining the Customs Union will be illegal. The hey documents that define the foreign policy of Ukraine, even in this paper on the basis of foreign policy passed by the Party of Regions, it is noted that Ukraine's a European direction of development is key and strategic."

Parubii said: "Ukraine cannot simultaneously have a Free Trade Zone with the European Union and be in the Customs Union. Factually, if Yanukovych takes steps to Ukraine's accession to the Customs Union it can be seen as a coup and it comes in conflict with the law."

The deputy is convinced that even partial cooperation with the Customs Union contradicts European development.

"It (Ukraine) cannot be in both places at once. You cannot be a little pregnant and you cannot be little bit there and a little bit there. This is a fraud that they are trying to sell people that we will be a little bit there and a little bit there. These two documents, which are in fact mutually exclusive (FTAs with the EU and with the Customs Union). Ukraine will either harmonize its legislation, taxes and everything else with the EU or with the Customs Union where the conditions entirely different. Ukraine is faced with a choice - either there or there," said the parliamentarian.

Parubii assured that in case Yanukovych signs any agreements with the Customs Union, the opposition would not allow them to be passed in the parliament.

"If he (Yanukovych) wants these things to pass through parliament, I am sure that the opposition will act as a patriot must act to protect the independence of the state. Because accession to the Customs Union is in fact a return of Ukraine in the Russian Empire. So I think, there will be extremely tough confrontation in the parliament which the Party of Regions cannot even imagine and they will definitely be unable to push this bill through in the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine," he stressed.

The deputy added: "If Yanukovych wants Ukraine to move in this direction, it can be perceived only as a coup. And that should be grounds for immediate impeachment of the President."

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