People Stuck in Traffic in Lviv Oblast: They Brought 20 Sandwiches for 300 People. Azarov is Lying

One of the passengers caught in snowdrift on the Lvov highway writes that people are starving and freezing in the 30-kilometer traffic jam.

As it turned out, the things are not going so well in Lviv oblast where a huge traffic jam has blocked hundreds of cars, reports Censor.NET.

Eyewitness Oleksandr Sivchenko wrote on his social network's page: "You will be laughing but I'm one of those tourists who are stuck in Lviv oblast in the 30-kilometer traffic jam. For nearly two days we have been staying at a gas station, 100 km from the city. During all the time of all the Emergency Ministry's actions we have seen one snowblower, and then, last night, one old jeep with a confused worker, and a fire engine which "helped a lot" by bringing 20 sandwiches and tea for three hundred people. Firefighters and Rescue workers traditionally do not know anything. And why would they? As for all statements of Prime Minister Azarov about the personal control of the situation and that the congestion bring almost eliminated - it's all lies.

It turns out that the problem with congestion could have been resolved yesterday, provided a responsible approach.

"Everything could have been resolved yesterday. This is not simply my opinion but many drivers sitting here who have come from the city and seen the situation from the starting point. By the way, it does not snow constantly and the one that has already fallen could have been cleared long time ago. Only the Ministry of Emergencies has staff shortage as I see," wrote Oleksandr, "Now the entire road is crowded with trucks and there is no end to them. And that's my trip to the Czech Republic. To rest. To collect materials and experiences.

Источник: https://censor.net.ua/en/n227425