Ukrainian Politics

 Svoboda Deputy to Communists: We Will Not Help This Regime

Svoboda faction does not intended to carry ammunition for the representatives of the authoritarian regime in the Verkhovna Rada.

This was stated by Svoboda Andrii Illenko during a talk show on Channel 5.

The politician has called on his colleagues in Parliament to order.

"Let's stop the practice of gross violations of the regulations in the work of the legislative body of the state. Then we can at least talk about something," - said "svobodovets."

According to him, Ukraine is witnessing the establishment of an authoritarian regime.

"At a time when authoritarianism is creeping on us, we will not carry the ammunition for this regime... This is not why people voted for us," said Illenko.

At the same time, when Communist Oleksandr Prysiazhniuk attempted to draw his attention, the nationalist said: "You shut up, you Pavlik Morozov" (communist poster child known for betraying his own father to the communists)

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