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 Deutsche Welle Uncovers Arbuzov Scam with Title of Banker of the Year

Journalists were not able to find people who have awarded Arbuzov with a new honorary title.

In Germany, they can not find all "authoritative center", which last week named Sergei Arbuzov best banker in the state in Eastern Europe. Center site "lies", and the phones are silent, reports Tsenzor.NET referring to DW.

In Germany the "authoritative center" which last week named Serhii Arbuzov Best State Banker in Eastern Europe is nowhere to be found. The Center's site is down and the phones are silent, reports Deutsche Welle.

"Hello, We cannot answer right now. Please leave your message after the tone," says the answering machine of Cologne located Center of Intercultural cooperation and communication ZIKK with a strong Russian accent. The leaders of the center - Professor Julius Kezina and Ihor Dementiev are out of reach and do not respond to the messages that were left.

However, the Administrative Court of Cologne told Deutsche Welle that the ZIKK eV center was listed in the register of associations on 27 June 2008, and has the appropriate registration number and registered office in Cologne. Contact person listed in is Antonina Siniavskaia. The missing Center's site is also registered in her name.

Nobody knows about the "authoritative center" in Berlin Leibniz Society under the roof of whic 86 leading German research institutions in the field of natural, technological, economic, social and humanitarian and other sciences work.

A journey to the legal address of ZIKK led to the outskirts of Cologne in Boklemyund, where the local bedroom (dormitory) district is. In the place where ZIKK's sign should be there is a house of a Evangelical Society. The rent for a three-room apartment in the building is about 630 euros. The only connection to ZIKK is the name Siniavskaia and Dementiev in an apartment on the top floor. However, nobody answered the door when the journalists rang the bell.

Источник: https://censor.net.ua/en/n227218