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 Thieving Hrytsak Using Pechersk Court Evicted a Teacher from Her House in City Center

Pechersk District Court of Kyiv decided to divest teacher Nina Moskalenko of ownership of land and housing in the city center and evict her. The court made the corresponding decision on Thursday.

Svoboda press service reports that "About 30 minutes ago the decision was made. The court made an unjustifiable ruling: to divest Moskalenko of property rights for land and housing, and to evict her.".

"The verdict comes into effect within 10 days from the date of the announcement, but given the criminal methods and disregard of the law, we expect action from the raiders before morning," says the party statement.

It was previously reported that for a long time unknown people are trying to evict the woman from her house on Zemlyanskaia street, 14, where her parents had lived since the 50's.

The woman owns 2/3 of the house while the owner of other third is not yet known. However, since April 2012, this owner has threatened Moskalenko demanding to sell him her share of the house.

On the night of 11 December, after the commencement of the investigation in Moskalenko case her house was attacked and suffered financial and moral damages with the purpose of putting pressure on the woman.

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