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 After Cursing Scandal in Rada, Salamatin Should Resign, Says Former Minister of Defense Hrytsenko

The Predecessor of unrestrained acting Minister of Defense is certain that the official acted inappropriately in regard to an employee of the State Security.

Former defense minister, deputy Anatoly Hrytsenko in a commentary to Censor.NET addressed the behavior of his colleague.

"Strong people should not behave so unworthy and inappropriately," said Hrytsenko, "the most he could have done in that case was turn it into a joke hint that they need to know him by face. But government officials change have so often that remembering all faces is impossible.

The scandal with Dmytro Salamatin was regarding the fact that the acting Minister used obscenities talking to a State Security officer who asked him to show ID at the entrance to the government box.

"If this situation occurred in any European country, the minister would be asked to resign. Of course, that is if he did not do it himself," said Anatolii Hrytsenko.

According to the deputy, State Security officer was just doing his job.

"I am asked to show my ID daily. And today in the parliament they will also ask me," said the deputy. "So what? I'll just show it."

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