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 Starting 2015 Ukrainians Will Need Foreign Passports to Go to Russia, Says Putin

By 2015 the entry into Russia should only be allowed with the use of foreign passports, President Vladimir Putin said, addressing to the Federal Council.

"Russia needs an influx of new forces. It needs smart, educated, hard-working people ... Who do not just want to earn some money here, ... but who consider Russia their homeland," Putin said, adding that the authorities should pay attention to illegal immigrants, Gazeta.ru reports.

"We still have a practice under which citizens of the CIS come to Russia using their internal passports ... In this situation it is almost impossible to ensure control ... Entry to Russia should be allowed only with the use of foreign and not domestic passports of citizens of other countries," said the Russian President.

"I ask the relevant authorities to work on the issue," Putin said.

In addition, Putin criticized the "ugly" process of granting Russian citizenship. "I assign the development of accelerated process of granting Russian citizenship to those born in Russia and the Russian Empire, for those who want to move to Russia for permanent residence," the President said, adding that it is also concerns the relatives of people who have Russian citizenship.

"Do not create problems," said Putin.

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