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 Russian Ambassador Set Conditions Under Which Yanukovych Will be Accepted in Moscow

Presidents of Ukraine and Russia, Viktor Yanukovych and Vladimir Putin, are planning to hold a meeting on December 18 in Moscow to discuss bilateral cooperation, primarily in the gas sector.

Russian Ambassador informed the journalists that such a meeting could take place only if the cooperation in the gas sector results in certain agreements.

"The very fact of the trip would mean that we are closer to reaching practical agreements," Zurabov said. "This visit will be the organized with a view to conclude this agreement not only by a handshake but by signing of documents. I mean an agreement, including the energy sector. This trip (Yanukovych's trip to Moscow) on the 18th will be held only in the event that we have something to agree on anything."

In this case, the Russian ambassador to Ukraine said that the main theme of the talks will be the cooperation in the energy field.

"The main theme is the cooperation in the energy sector," he stated.

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