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 Batkivschyna Demands Surrender of Two Deputy Mandates

Oleksandr and Andrii Tabalov were elected MPs from Batkivschyna but were not included in the faction, violating the oath of office for the deputies which they signed on August 5 this year.

The press service of Batkivschyna reports that according to the oath each parliamentary candidate of Batkivschyna has "before God and the people of Ukraine publicly vowed to abide by these commitments."

In particular, the text states that in the case of a fundamental change in the political position against the opposition elected member "as a matter of honor shall resign the people's deputy of Ukraine."

On the basis of absence of Oleksandr and Andrii Tabalov and an oath signed by the group, the faction unanimously decided to require them to put down the mandates of people's deputies of Ukraine.

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