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 The U.S. Consider Kuzmin’s Letter to Obama Shame for Ukrainian Diplomacy

Contents of the letter of Deputy Prosecutor General of Ukraine Renat Kuzmin to U.S. President Barack Obama seem more like a complaint of an ordinary citizen of the country, and not a high-ranking official, say U.S. lawyers and political scientists.

If Kuzmin was an ordinary Ukrainian, his poor English and lack of diplomacy in the letter could be understood. However, if the White House receives complaints from the First Deputy Prosecutor General of Ukraine who publicly asks for help in solving the murder that happened 16 years ago, the U.S. is surprised by this step. This was said in an interview to Radio Liberty by criminal and immigration attorney Myroslav Smorodskyi, reports Censor.NET.

"A member of the government writes to the President of the United States, jumping all the procedures, skipping the Department of State, the Ministry of Justice. This is not illegal but I hope that President Obama will take the letter and transfer it to the State Department or the Department of Justice, and let them handle it," he said.

Taras Kuzio, professor, senior researcher at the Department of International Relations at John Hopkins calls the letter a shame for Ukrainian diplomacy. In his opinion, these letters concerning criminal investigations should be translated without mistakes and sent via secret mail.

Kuzio connects the publicity of the prosecutor's letter to the case of former Ukrainian Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko. "Mr. Kuzmin is looking for information to condemn Tymoshenko even more," says the professor.

He noted that in Ukraine there is no rule of law, and does not exclude that the U.S. already has a list of people who will not be allowed into the country. However, Kuzio is optimistic in regard to the economic sanctions against Ukraine.

"I do not think the West will implement sanctions against Ukraine. But the fact that the black list of senior Ukrainian officials who can no longer come to Western Europe or the United States and Canada is a reality," said Kuzio.

The reason for the refusal of a visa to Kuzmin are his constant violations of human rights, says a senior researcher at Peterson Institute of Economics, an expert on Ukraine in Washington Anders Aslund. He directly linked Kuzmin's letter to Tymoshenko case .

Political analyst on the Ukrainian matters in the U.S. Andrii Dobrianskyi is of the same opinion.

The real reason for Kuzmin's attempts are to catch the eye of the U.S. government officials - trying to get an unofficial OK from the West on the prosecution of Yulia Tymoshenko's involvement in the murder of Yevhen Shcherban. In addition, according to Dobrianskyy, Kuzmin sent a letter to the U.S. president to once again advertise himself in the Western media. However, political scientist is certain that Western journalists are hard to trick.

"He looks like a person who wants the public to know him, he pushes himself to the West, he wants the press to hear him, and he tells lies. He speaks of such reality that most of the West does not even understand where it comes," said Dobrianskyi.

Источник: https://censor.net.ua/en/n226732