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 Stalin Killed More of His People than the Germans did, Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Ukrainian side is opposed to the politicization of issues related to the historical events of the Second World War.

This was stated by the Director of Information Policy of the Ministry Oleh Voloshyn during the Kyiv-Moscow video conference on "Glorification of Nazism. Can We Stay Away?" on Monday, reports Interfax-Ukraine.

"We are strongly against attempts to politicize historical events," said Voloshyn.

According to him, Ukraine clearly condemns Nazism, attempts to rehabilitate fascism but it does not support a situation where "one size fits all when we talk about fighters in the Second World War, and not always on the side of the Hitler's coalition."

As for the resolution against the glorification of Nazism, which was adopted by the UN General Assembly, then, according to Voloshyn, Ukraine was not away from the process and for a long period worked on the text of the resolution.

He also called it strange that in the end this resolution was voted for by only one of the four major parties of the anti Hitler coalition. "This raises questions about the extent to which this resolution is balanced," said Voloshyn.

He also added that the problem of racism and anti-Semitism is relevant both for Ukraine and for Russia.

"But probably fighting xenophobia through the interpretation of historical events is not a good idea. Perhaps, there are other mechanisms for this. We first started from the fact that the UN and other international organizations have an adequate legal framework to counter xenophobic, racist manifestations," he said.

Voloshyn also said that the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry condemns Russia attempts to show the Stalinist regime in a positive light.

"Stalin's regime killed its own people and to a greater extent than the Germans did in four years. So let's be honest, because when in Russia today Stalin is called an effective manager, for us it is as unacceptable as those statements, according to which Hitler is a liberator," he said.

The diplomat noted the importance of the Russian public to hear the truth that in 1917 "the same band which cut and killed its own people came to power"

"That's what we want to hear and not the Russian authorities talking about that Russia would win the war without Ukraine... We know that it is our common victory, and without us you would not have won," said Voloshyn to the Russian side.

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