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 Kliuiev Fell out of Favor with Yanukovych: Losing Elections is Responsibility of HQ

Despite all the claims of regular speakers for the Party of Regions of the miraculous victory, the actual election results were announced by the President.

According to Censor.NET's source, in a closed meeting with party leaders Yanukovych listened to the excuses and explanations of the head of electoral headquarters Andrii Kliuiev and concluded: "The elections are lost and it is the responsibility of the HQ."

"What are the arguments used by Yanukovych? First of all, the party did not get the target number of votes - 36%. Yanukovych planned to have an opportunity for independent formation of the government, for which he needs a sustainable majority - without the participation of the Communists," writes Yurii Butusov.

"It is in the case of the triumph in the parliamentary elections National Security Council Secretary Andrii Kliuiev would become a leading contender for the post of Prime Minister. But after Yanukovych's sentence Klyuyev will remain NSC Secretary. And he is unlikely to return to the post of First Deputy Prime Minister . However, lack of a parliamentary majority is an important but not the main accusation for Kliuiev," says the article.

"Kliuiev fell out of favor for one main reason - year 2015. Yanukovych's concern is not the number of party 'bayonets' in the parliament: he is concerned about the catastrophic decline of the results of the Party of Regions. After all, the presidential candidate will not have the supporting life vest of independent candidates. There can be only one person as the head of state," the author notes.

Источник: https://censor.net.ua/en/n226604