Ukrainian Politics

 The Party of Regions: Chechetov Will Be Out of Work in New Parliament

The Verkhovna Rada of new convocation will hold registration and voting in such a manner that deputies cannot vote for each other.

Head of procedural committee and Regions deputy Volodymyr Makeienko stated: "This is a way that people call sensor button. It has another name - Rada-3, Rada-4."

He stressed that the vote will take place with the help of the system which is now installed in the Verkhovna Rada.

Answering the remark that the system is not working now Makeenko said: "We have one more week to make it work."

Asked by reporters whether Mykhailo Chechetov will supervise voting of Regions' deputies in the new parliament by raising his hand Makeienko assured that "It will not happen. Mykhailo Chechetov will be out of work. He will deal only with legislation."

However, responding to the remark that the law on the regulations says nothing about the sensor button, Makeienko said: "It is the law on regulations. Is the system called sensor button? Let's go further and write: red, yellow, white or green. Let's write that 'for' is a green button. This was the agreed draft law."

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