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 Yanukovych and Putin Had a Fierce Discussion on Gas, Russian Media Report

On the sidelines of the summit Putin talked with many of his colleagues face to face. The most substantive dialogue was with Viktor Yanukovych subsequently joined by Kazakhstan President Nursultan Nazarbayev.

According to Kommersant, the press has discovered details regarding the conversation of the Ukrainian and Russian presidents on the sidelines of the CIS summit in Ashkhabat which caused annoyance of other colleagues and participants.

After the session the delegation of the CIS leaders has moved into the hall, where an extended session was starting. In the end of the line were the presidents of Russia and Ukraine with the latter "desperately gesticulating trying to prove something to Russian President Vladimir Putin."

According to Ukrainian negotiators, Yanukovych told them that he had discussed the issue of gas transit with his Russian counterpart. And the issue was the transit of Turkmenistan gas through Kazakhstan and Russia to Ukraine. Ukraine is thinking about direct transit around Kazakhstan, writes Kommersant.

After a couple of minutes to two "runaways" were joined by Kazakhstan President Nazarbayev, and the conversation became "more lively and even fierce." It lasted "six or seven minutes, and all the other leaders of the CIS countries stood waiting for the three colleagues at the entrance to the hall." Finally the host of the summit, the President of Turkmenistan approached the trio and pointed to other colleagues, after which the event finally continued.

Moreover, Yanukovych had a bilateral conversation with President of Turkmenistan Gurbanguly Berdymuhamedov - these talks were also widely discussed on the sidelines of the presidential palace Ruhyet. Experts link the activity of the Ukrainian leader with the gas issue - namely, the search for an alternative supply of natural gas to Russian.

A large package of 20 documents was signed at the summit, Novye Izvestiia reports. Among them the agreement on cooperation in the field of integrated CIS currency market, the Agreement on financial intelligence, the Agreement on cooperation in training anti-terrorist units.

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