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 State Budget 2013 Has No Provision for Chernobyl Victims, Says Opposition

Draft budget provides for an increase in funding for law enforcement but does not involve the allocation of funds for the victims of Chernobyl.

"This budget has the largest debt in the history of independent Ukraine. That is why there are no means for Chernobyl victims but the funds for the Prosecutor General's Office have been increased by 150 million and for the Ministry of Internal Affairs by half a billion," said the deputy Andrii Parubii in an interview to TVi.

According to him, "Yanukovych has a general policy where he controls people with the help of special forces. There are no funds for social benefits but they find funds for the secret police," he added.

The deputies did not vote for the draft state budget 2013 in the first reading. They just passed a resolution that will change the order of consideration of the document. The first reading of the budget was passed without a vote, and the second reading and reading in its entirety is planned for Thursday, December 6, after the revision in the Budget Committee of the parliament.

The draft state budget for 2013 provides for limiting the budget deficit at the level of 50.432 billion UAH, income - 361.51 billion UAH, expenses - 410.66 billion UAH. The maximum amount of public debt is proposed to set at 483.032 billion UAH.

In the draft budget approved by the Cabinet GDP growth forecast is set at 3.4%, and inflation at 4.8%. The government also expects that the average rate of the hryvnia to the dollar in 2013 will be 8.3 UAH/USD and by the end of the year will equal 8.4.

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