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 Azarov Admits Failure in Gas Negotiations with Russia and Says EU Does Not Want to Help

Mykola Azarov acknowledged the failure of his government in the negotiations with Russia on reducing gas prices for Ukraine.

The acting Prime Minister said it at the Cabinet meeting in Kyiv on Wednesday, reports NR.

"On Monday the President accepted my resignation due to my being elected a deputy. This means resignation of the entire Cabinet. As the head of government I want to thank everyone for their hard work ... But the President has instructed us to continue working... And we will work in the regular rhythm. After all, people are expecting decisive actions from us," he said.

Analyzing the main results of the government's work Azarov admitted that many problems have not been resolved: "Objectively we did a lot. But we are not happy with everything. We have not done all tasks. There are many more changes to be made. First of all it concerns the revision of the terms of Russian gas supply," said the official.

At that Azarov accused the EU of refusing to help in gas negotiations with Russia.

"Unfortunately, so far the EU has not displayed any activity in the modernization of our oil and gas industry, in particular, our Gas Transportation System (GTS). It has been two years since we became participants of the European Energy Charter, we have been fulfilling all our commitments. Unfortunately, our expectations, that after the adoption of the Charter the EU will take a more active stance on the need to revise the gas agreement with Russia and participation in the gas transportation consortium have been in vain. And this is considering the fact that all experts agree that the Ukrainian GTS is the most reliable and cheapest route for transporting gas to the EU. So we have a right to expect better support from the European countries in this matter," considers the head of the Ukrainian government.

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