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 Regions Deputy: There Will Not Be Stable Majority in New Parliament so a Bad Budget but Now is Better

There will not be a stable majority in the next parliament so it is better to pass a bad budget and then make changes, stated Party of Regions Dmytro Sviatash on TVi.

"The budget is being adopted under force majeure circumstances. We could not consider the document fully because we were all busy with the elections. This budget is better than the last at least by the fact that there are no tax regulations," he said. At the same time, responding to the question, whether the pro-government majority is rushing the budget because it is afraid of its rejection in the new Rada, the deputy said that "the majority in the new parliament is a separate issue."

"I am a deputy and I would say: as for me, the next parliament will not have a stable majority. We'll have to agree on the vitality and life of the country," said Sviatash. "The budget will certainly be amended. This parliament will have 225 single constituency deputies and they will look and say: what do you have to offer for my district? What are we going to do? Introduce changes to the budget. Therefore, this document should be the base and already the new convocation of the Verkhovna Rada will make changes to it," he said.

"All political experts and political forces predict that even the simplest issues will drag for long. There is a danger that Ukraine will remain without a budget. This budget is not perfect. But a bad budget is better than no budget," summed up the Regions deputy.

On Monday the draft state budget 2013 was delivered to the parliament .

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