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 Last Year Yanukovych Cost 635 Million to Tax Payers

The upkeep of President Viktor Yanukovych in 2012 cost the country 635 million hryvnia, i.e. nearly 2 million hryvnia per day.

Forbes.ua and Journal of Public Procurement report that since 2010, the beginning of presidential tenure, the amount has reached 1.42 billion hryvnia. "Not a single tender for the construction and renovation of the presidential sites was conducted by open tender procedure - all trades conducted on a non-competitive procurement from one participant," the newspaper notes.

In addition to direct spending, the site specifies "loss of the state in short-received profits - four elite armored Mercedes, seized by customs were not sold but given away to State Affairs Administration; 30,000 hectares of hunting grounds in Suholuchia near Kiev and 9,000 hectares near Bear Mountain in Crimea were transferred to "Presidential" Kedr (Cedar) Hunting and Fishing Association.

Carpathian residence Synehora has undergone reconstruction and completion of guest houses and restaurants for a total amount of 81.32 million hryvnia this year. Since 2010 almost 0.25 billion hryvnia have been spent on it. Reconstruction of Yanukovych's Crimean 'dachas', construction of helipads and reconstruction of nearby roads cost 94 million hryvnia in 2012 (373 million hryvnia in the past three years).

Hunting. 124 million hryvnia was spent on arrangement, construction of roads and transfer of hunting grounds for long-term lease to Kedr Hunting and Fishing Association established by Energy Minister Yurii Boiko, former head of Ukravtodor (Road Agency) Volodymyr Demishkan and Cherkassy governor Serhii Tulub. In three years - 144 million.

Presidential fishing in 2012 cost 6.55 million hryvnia, in three years - more than 16 million. This included construction work in the former natural preserve in Crimea where Yanukovych now spends time with a fishing rod. The motor pool which at the beginning of the year consisted of 385 cars cost the budget almost 40 million hryvnia in 2012 (122 in three years). The maintenance of the presidential air transport cost 95 million hryvnia (251.6 million total). The lease of three luxury helicopters from Tantalit company affiliated with the President (also leases Mezhygiria lands) this year cost 8.1 million hryvnia.

Guest reception and reconstruction for the purpose of the Mariinskii Palace and the complex of old buildings on Lypky this year cost 194 million hryvnia, and in three years - 203 million (reconstruction previously did not take place). The upkeep of the Presidential Administration and the State Affairs Administration whose main spending is food, this year cost 50 million hryvnia, and in three years - almost 60.

Источник: https://censor.net.ua/en/n226060