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 Opposition Deputy on Urgent Adoption of Budget: It's Incredible. They Violated Everything. Regions are Afraid of Next Parliament’s Dissolution

The Party of Regions wants to urgently adopt a law on the state budget 2013 despite the unprecedented violations because they fear that in the next parliament they will not have enough votes, and President Viktor Yanukovych will have to dissolve the parliament.

This was stated by BYuT-Batkivschyna deputy and Budget Committee member Oleksandr Chornovolenko, reports Censor.NET.

"This is incredible. They violated everything they could: the law on the budget, the law on the Regulations and the Constitution," said the deputy, noting that this adoption of the budget sets a precedent. According to him, such things do not exist anywhere in the world and have never happened in Ukraine.

"This is pure blasphemy. This is not the adoption of the budget. In any country, any district court would cancel such a decision immediately. That is why I say that Ukraine does not and will not have a budget," said Chornovolenko.

However, answering the questions from the press on the Regions using the fact that the parliament's cadence is practically over, Chornovolenko replied: "They are using the fact that they have no regard for the law and that they have 226 votes."

According to the deputy, the Regions urge the passing of the budget by this convocation of the Verkhovna Rada because they are not sure that they will have enough votes in the next parliament. "If the budget is not adopted, according to the Constitution, the President shall dissolve the Parliament and call for early elections. And they do not want an early election because the situation is getting worse, and they will have a much worse result than they have now," concluded Chornovolenko.

Источник: https://censor.net.ua/en/n226029